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Are you ready to try Lowthers--one of the world's best sounding full-range speakers?

One of the world's most efficient speakers?

Where a single 8 inch full-range speaker covers the entire musical spectrum (30 to 22,000 hz)?

With Free cabinet plans, parts list, and setup tips (with any purchase)?

Looking for the Lowther factory in England?

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The Lowther 2.8 Ambience

Could this be the world's best sounding speaker?

Some of our ten different Lowther bass reflex cabinet designs


Welcome to Lowther Speakers USA. You've found the best place on the internet to purchase Lowther full-range speakers. These are among the best sounding and most efficient speakers available anywhere in the world, at any price. We have more than 15 years experience in designing, building, and selling full-range, super efficient speaker systems. We guarantee to have the lowest prices (starting at only $995/pr) and the best advice. Our Lowther cabinet designs are not only beautiful, but give the best sound possible from Lowther speakers. We offer free cabinet plans, parts list, and setup tips with any purchase.

Why are Lowthers Among the World's Best Speakers?

1. Because Lowther speakers are full-range (30 hz to 22,000 hz). Combining separate woofers, midranges, and tweeters--by using crossovers--is unnecessary.

2. Detail, accuracy, and realism are unmatched because the sound comes from a single voicecoil.

3. Clarity, speed, and low distortion are unrivaled because Lowther speakers have the lightest cones, the strongest magnets, and the most rigid frames.

4. Imaging and soundstage are unsurpassed because the sound comes from a single point in space.

5. Lowther speakers are also among the world's most efficient speakers. Minimum efficiency in any cabinet: 102 dB/1 watt/1 meter.

Model Range

Lowthers come in two frame sizes--8 inch and 6 inch.

Lowthers use three different magnet materials--ceramic (ferrite), alnico, and neodymium.

Lowthers come in two different designs--standard and 'EX'.

Speaker Specifications

DX Series Drive Units

EX Series Drive Units

C Series Drive Units

A Series Drive Units

A Series 6 inch Drive Units

For an indepth technical discussion of Lowther drive units (speakers) Click Here

Ordering Suggestions


First, decide whether you want a bass reflex design or a bass horn design. We have free plans for 10 of our own bass reflex designs, 7 different factory bass reflex designs, and 10 factory bass horn designs.

For a technical discussion of bass reflex vs. bass horn cabinets Click Here


If you want a bass horn design, we recommend the Lowther DX3. It is an exceptionally detailed speaker. This enables it to 'compete' with the cabinet resonances and delayed sound that comes from a bass horn cabinet.

If you want a bass reflex design, figure out the acoustics of your listening room to make the best choice:

--For a 'soft' or 'medium' room, we recommend the DX3.

--For a 'live', or 'hard' room, we recommend our Audio Nirvana 'Super 8 Alnico' speakers. Click Here Lowthers are so detailed that they can be too bright in a 'live' or 'hard' room.


Including free plans, parts list, and setup tips. No taxes.

DX Series Speakers

DX2 $1150/pr
DX3 $1295/pr
DX4 $2095/pr
DX45 $1150/pr
DX55 $1295/pr
DX65 $2095/pr

C Series Speakers

PM6C $995/pr
C45 $995/pr

A Series Speakers

PM6A $1395/pr
PM7A $1995/pr
PM2A $2095/pr
PM5A $2495/pr
PM4A $2695/pr
A45 $1395/pr
A55 $1995/pr

EX Series Speakers

EX2 $1295/pr
EX3 $1595/pr
EX4 $2195/pr

Silver voicecoils are available for $50 each, but not recommended. They have the effect of lowering the detail of each respective speaker. This is probably due to the heavier weight of silver. So, a DX3 Silver, for example, would sound like a DX2. So--rather than spending the extra money--we recommend just buying the next lower speaker in the range.

Phase equalizers (rather than the standard 'bullet' phase plugs) are only suitable in front loaded bass horn cabinets.

Buy the Best Sounding Model Now:

Lowther DX3

$1295/pr plus shipping

US Customers: Click on the 'Add to Cart' button below for instant purchase.

International Customers: Please email for prices: david@anspeakers.com

Choose your free plan here

Plans Only


Choose your free plans here:

Cabinet Designs

Some of our bass reflex cabinet designs for the Lowther speaker.

Left to Right: 2.8 MkII, 2.8 Series I, 1.3, Minimonitor, and Micromonitor

Bass Reflex Cabinet Designs

More than 99.9% of all speakers ever made are bass reflex designs. That's because they give the most clear, detailed, accurate, and realistic musical reproduction. We offer ten different models of bass reflex cabinets of our own design. With your purchase of a pair of speakers, you will receive a free set of our cabinet plans, a parts list (and where to get the parts), and a list of setup tips. In addition to our own designs, we can offer seven different factory bass reflex plans.

All of our cabinets can be constructed with 3/4 inch Baltic Birch or marine plywood, MDF, or industrial grade particle board.

2.8 MkII (38.5 tall x 12 wide x 13.75 deep)

2.8 Series I (38.5 tall x 14.5 wide x 11.25 deep)

2.8 MkII Ambience (38.5 tall x 12 wide x 13.75 deep )

2.8 Series I Dynamic (38.5 tall x 14.5 wide x 11.25 deep )

1.3 (32 tall x 10 wide x 10 deep)

Monitor (24T x 13.5W x 11.25D)

Minimonitor (19 tall x 10.5 wide x 11.25 deep)

Micromonitor (16 tall x 10 wide x 7.25 deep)

Lowther Factory Bass Reflex Designs

Acousta 90

Bicor 20

Bicor 100

Bicor 1000 (also known as the Accolade 2)

Accolade 4

LIB (Lowther Ideal Baffle)

Voigt Pipe

Which Bass Reflex Is Best?

A properly designed speaker cabinet should only do two things.....hold the speaker in position and make bass. Generally speaking, each increase in cabinet size adds about 10% more bass and dynamics to the presentation. The mid and high frequencies of each speaker are very similar. But with more bass on the bottom, the overall tonal balance of each speaker is different. Each cabinet is tuned for the best balance given the size limitations. In the smaller cabinets, this is done by taking bass from the extreme bottom octaves and moving it upwards. So, the larger cabinets have greater extension and can produce higher sound pressure levels, but the smaller cabinets still have a balanced presentation.

Among our 2.8 cabinets, the Series I is a bit softer and warmer than the 2.8 MkII models. The 2.8 MkII is a bit more detailed and efficient. And we offer two different cabinet tunings (or 'porting') for each of these cabinets. The Twin Port models have slightly lower bass extension. The Big Port models have more mid bass.

Speaker Selection for Bass Reflex Cabinets

For bass reflex cabinets, you have a choice of three different lines of Lowther speakers. Each uses a different magnet material-- A Series (alnico), C Series (ceramic/ferrite), and DX Series (neodymium). But magnets don't have a 'sound'. The voice coil only reacts to a magnetic field. It is the overall design of the magnet (size, shape, and material) and voice coil (size, depth, and design) that gives the overall sound.

With bass reflex designs, the cabinet is inert and contributes nothing but bass to the presentation. So, you can pick the speaker with the right level of detail for the acoustics of your listening room, quality of your recordings, and listening tastes. The speaker doesn't have to 'compete' with the cabinet as it does in a bass horn cabinet. Moreover, in a bass horn cabinet, you should--ideally--purchase the most expensive Lowther you can afford, so the speaker can 'shout' over the colorations of the cabinet. But this is not necessary in a bass reflex cabinet. Here are our recommendations:

Soft Rooms Lowther DX3 $1295/pr
Medium Rooms Lowther DX3 $1295/pr
Live Rooms Audio Nirvana

'Super 8 Alnico'

Click Here


All other Lowther models are available if desired.

Bass Horn Cabinet Designs

Lowther Audiovector Bass Horn Cabinet

Bass horn cabinets are traditional cabinets with origins going back 60 years or more. They offer a soft, warm, and smooth sound and are popular for classical music. We offer plans for ten different factory designs and can advise you on which one is best for your room and your listening tastes. If you're going to expend all the effort to build bass horn cabinets, choose a design from the Lowther experts.....the factory.

Lowther Bass Horn Cabinet Designs





Opus One

Standard Acousta 115

Super Acousta 124

Mini Acousta 109

Bicor 200

Bicor 2000

For an in depth discussion of full-range cabinet designs Click Here


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